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Humor in Uniform

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I took a jazz improvisation class during one of my January terms at SJU and that is where I met Joe Breuer. Joe was by far the best guitarist in the class. When the next semester started Joe asked me to jam with

a friend of his, Jim Levine. I had access to practice spaces at CSB and SJU because I was studying in the music department at that time, pursuing a minor in music. We had a good time playing together and eventually added another friend to the group, Dave Cofell. We became Humor in Uniform and played shows at the local bars in St. Joe for a few years. We also played a few shows in Minneapolis at the 7th Street Entry. It was always good fun. Eventually we stopped playing because Joe and Jim finished school before I did. We made one studio recording that I am still trying to locate a copy of…if I find it I’ll share it.

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